is an interpreter of desires, concepts, and spaces.

began as a fashion and marketing designer at the Arturo tejada School Bogota, with experience in the design and creation of swimsuits and bodysuits.

juliet moved to Atlanta, Ga and fell in love with landscaping and water. she started working on renovation designs for eco pool services, where she gained extensive experience in the art and craft of exterior spaces. she decided to reinforce her expertise through further education by studying with genesis, in the area of water shape design, and in  Emory University's landscape design program. 

she has worked on several projects around the state, where she has being able to showcase her love for art and design, without neglecting functionality and AESTHETICs. 


  • Landscape Design - Emory University 
  • water shape design - Genesis university 
  • Automation and water sanitation - Zodiac academy 
  • Heaters and pumps - Zodiac Academy 
  • interior design - kennesaw university 
  • fashion and marketing design - arturo tejada school